Club Energize TV brings you FREE Low Fu Fitness workouts online. Wherever you are in the world, you can experience Low Fu Fitness in your own home and improve your fitness. Exercise in your own time and take your pick from a choice of 10 minute Club Energize TV workouts including ‘Kick and Tone’ and ‘Beginner’s workout ’.

Each Club Energize TV workout is cleverly designed to fully work your heart and lungs and tone your body every time you train. Complement your Low Fu class training, or use Club Energize TV as a complete home exercise program.


Noel Michael Smith's teaching on screen is the same as his teaching in class - direct, persuasive and interactive. Let his formidable energy take you to a level of workout previously unreachable in home workouts.

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Club Energize TV’s video tutorial shows you how to achieve maximum body shaping and fitness benefits. Increase flexibility and avoid injury by using ‘Warm up’ and ‘Cool Down Stretch’ before and after your workout.


DJ Abstract mixes live on set, playing outstanding tunes made by top producers from all over the world. DJ Abstract is the son of Noél Michael Smith and is fast becoming one of London's top DJ's.

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Train alongside real students from Low Fu Fitness classes and be inspired by their energy and technique! Meet Katherine, Justine, Siobhan and the girls on Facebook. Chat with them and follow their fit and busy lifestyles on Twitter.