Low Fu Fitness Detailed Description

Low Fu Fitness is an exercise program that defines its own category, it's closest comparison is Cardio Kickboxing.

Low Fu Fitness blends the basic elements of kickboxing with low impact aerobics. The uniqueness of Low Fu Fitness is that the two disciplines run along side each other; neither discipline has more value than the other.

Low Fu Fitness has eight basic kickboxing techniques with specific ground rules to ensure students have great technique with no risk of injury.

Low Fu Fitness will teach the importance of a stretch warm up at the beginning of all classes. Low Fu Fitness kicks are rapid and the primary muscles groups in all Low Fu Fitness kicking techniques; groin, quadriceps, hamstrings, adductor, gluteus maximus and calf muscles, need to have an elongated muscle memory to deliver the carefully crafted techniques.

Each Low Fu Fitness kicking technique has specific placement before delivery. At Low Fu Fitness we do not kick for the sake of kicking, each kick is done with the purpose of toning and making the whole body leaner than it's ever been before. This is achieved by doing rapid kicks in quick succession, enabling a high level cardiovascular workout without the discomfort of high impact.

Low Fu Fitness has just four punches; jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Low Fu Fitness punches are executed with a vertical fist taking the punch from the chest. When practising the punch it is delivered across a student's centreline and not directly to the front. This unique technique allows the shoulders and neck to be relaxed throughout the entire class whilst at the same time achieving countless abdominal exercises.

With eight kickboxing techniques, four punches and four kicks, there are thousands of variations in which these eight techniques can be used. The Low Fu Fitness class can therefore be varied each week or kept the same at the discretion of the Low Fu Fitness teacher.

All Low Fu Fitness teachers are taught a basic workout program given by the certification trainer. This can easily be modified as the teacher becomes more experienced.

Low Fu Fitness also has ten main low impact, high-intensity aerobic exercises. To ensure control and precision on each exercise, these Low Fu Fitness exercises are all executed using contracted abdominals.

Low Fu Fitness kickboxing techniques constantly interchange throughout the entire class thus creating a dynamic environment full of fun and enjoyment. when it comes to tempos, genres and styles. House, R&B, Rock, Jazz, D&B are just some of the types of music you will hear when you workout with Low Fu Fitness.

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